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From March 16-31 you can save 20% on select Spectrum Workbooks!

  • Spectrum Subject books have been specifically recommended by teachers & parents for over a decade!
  • Spectrum is the #1 Teacher Recommended series for Common Core State Standards!
  • Grade appropriate exercises.
  • Perfect for standardized test prep.
*Spectrum Subject Specific Titles On Sale Include:
Spectrum Math Gr. K-5
Spectrum Writing Gr. 1-6
Spectrum Reading Gr. 1-6
Spectrum Phonics Gr. 1-6
Spectrum Language Arts Gr. 1-6
Spectrum Sight Words
Spectrum Early Years
Spectrum Algebra
Spectrum Geometry

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Time For Summer Bridge

Now is the time to contact your local Learning Shop for our Summer Bridge Partnership! We can sign up your school and they will get up to a 20% rebate for each book purchased! Click here for more details and a sample.

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