National Teacher Appreciation Week

Jacques Barzun once said "Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition." The week of May 2-6th is National Teacher Appreciation week.  We at the Learning Shop want to say "Thank You!" to all current and past teachers!  The responsibility and expectations put on teachers has never been greater.  Seriously think about what we are entrusting teachers with and how much of an impact they have on our children, our society, and our world! 

As of the Fall of 2009 there were 3.7 million full time equivalent teachers in the United States.  Over 52% of these teachers have a Masters degree or higher!  That's pretty impressive and shows a strong dedication and commitment to their profession.  Additionally, the average teacher spends 11-12 hours per week outside of school preparing lessons, grading papers, or providing extra help to struggling students.  When doing some quick internet searches it’s very easy to see that we are blessed in this country with the quality of our teachers.

Looking at the quote at the beginning of this article, why has the regard for teaching become a lost tradition?  Whatever each of us determines may be the cause, we do not have to accept it!  "Change in an instant" as one of my friends frequently states, is what needs to happen.  Let us "change in an instant" and bring the tradition of teaching back to the positive limelight where it belongs.  Teachers help mold our children in the leaders of the future.  We trust them with our priceless children.  Let’s show some gratitude and honor these important people!

Until May 7th, the Learning Shop is accepting nominations from the community for Teachers that make a difference!  On May 7th all teachers nominated will be put into a drawing for a special prize.  If you believe, like we do, that Teachers are one of the most important professions please take the time to nominate a teacher.  You can click here for an online form that you can email back to to be included in the contest.