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Who Will You Become Inside the Ninjago Arena? 

Do you know the ways of the Ninjago? You will learn to master the moves as you go head to head with your opponent in the Spinjitzu arena!

With the LEGOs Ninjago Spinjitzu Starter Set, you’ll have everything you’ll need to get started on the road to becoming a respected warrior. Let the LEGO Ninjago Battles begin with the included warriors, Jay (Ninja of Lightning), and Frakjaw (Skeleton of Fire). This is one of the most complete LEGO Ninjago sets as it includes 2 spinners, 6 weapons, 2 character cards, 8 battle cards, and enough LEGO bricks to make an ancient arena.

Next you’ll need to decide which Ninja LEGO character you’d like to become. These LEGO Ninjagos can all be champions, so you just need to choose the right minifigure Ninjago LEGO sets for you. No matter whom you choose, the LEGO Ninjago games will require you to play battle cards to influence the outcome. You’ll also be using the golden weapon and 2 regular weapons to put up a fight!

Have you met Cole DX? Cole is a Dragon Ninja who can now ride the Earth Dragon, and he’ll do everything he can to defeat the Skull Army. Cole comes with his dragon suit, golden dragon spinner, 3 weapons (golden staff, spear and sword), his character and battle cards, and assorted LEGO bricks.

Maybe General Kruncha is more to your liking. Cold as ice and hard as stone, you’ll be able to take on the roughest and toughest masters with the LEGO Kruncha Spinjitzu set! Flatten anything or anyone that gets in your way with Kruncha and his green spinner. Set features the Kruncha minifigure, his 3 weapons (double axe, shoge and bone weapon), his character and battle cards, and assorted LEGO bricks.

The head of the skeleton army, Lord Garmadon is the Master of the Power of Destruction. With his purple spinner and his 3 terrifying weapons (thunder bolt, double bone scythe, and machete), Lord Garmadon is pure spinning evil in the arena. Also includes his character and battle cards, and assorted LEGO bricks.

If you’d like to see your enemies from every angle, then the Wyplash Spinjitzu set is for you! Did you know that he wears his head backwards? You’ll defeat your foes and never be caught off guard with Wyplash and his blue spinner. Set includes Wyplash and his spinner, his 3 weapons (twin chain whip, whip and bone), along with the necessary cards, and LEGO bricks.

Last, but far from the least, we have Sensei Wu, Master of the Power of Creation. The Sensei is the son of the first Spinjitzu Master, and so he has learned from the best. The LEGO Sensei Wu set includes the Sensei, his spinner, his 3 weapons (golden staff, golden kusari gama, and golden sword), his character and battle cards, and LEGO bricks.

All of the sets above, as well as most of the other Ninjago sets you will find on our site, are for children ages 6 and up. As always, please contact us if you have any questions. Now let your LEGO Ninjago Game begin! Happy spinning!

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