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Fall Crafternoon for Kids!

Have you heard of the phenomenon called Crafternoon? Crafternoon is a fun social gathering of crafters, all getting together to do crafts of a similar theme, usually on a weekend afternoon (hence the name). I was thinking that if adult crafters can get together and have a wonderful time while making charming crafts, why not children? So, let’s plan a Fall Crafternoon for kids!

First things first, let’s gather some fall craft ideas – maybe a Thanksgiving craft, a Halloween craft and a couple general fall craft ideas. Depending on the age group of children, you might be looking for Thanksgiving preschool crafts or crafts for older children.

An easy, inexpensive idea to get everyone in the mood for fall is working with Diffusing Leaves. These leaves are made of a fabric-like paper that you simply spritz with liquid watercolor paint or food color. Then watch as the colors flow and blend to make one-of-a-kind patterns. When your leaves are dry, you can decorate them further with markers, crayons, glitter - nearly anything you can think of! Leaves will make wonderful decorations for windows, bulletin boards, bedrooms - anywhere you want to add beauty and color! With 80 leaves per package, this would be a great craft idea if you’re purchasing the craft for a group.

Another way to go about setting up the Kids Crafternoon is to send out a list of supplies that the children attending should bring along with them. This way, the children will arrive with what they need and you’ll need only to supply the supervision and refreshments.

For a BYO Crafternoon of this nature, you might want to suggest something the children can make and take home for their family to enjoy. I love the Build Your Own Wooden Birdhouse, which is relatively inexpensive ($13.99/house), and includes most everything children will need to assemble and decorate their own birdhouse! It is an easy-to-assemble, real birdhouse that requires nothing more than a screwdriver (not included) and the supervision of an adult.

Another great BYO Crafternoon idea is Halloween Fun Shrinky Dinks. This will be spooooky fun for your whole group that concludes with a wonderful Halloween decoration that children will display and be proud of making for years to come. Everything they’ll need is included in each kit, but again, adult supervision is necessary.

When thinking of Thanksgiving preschool crafts, you’ll most certainly want to focus on crafts that can be done easily by all skill levels and can be completed quickly. Preschoolers really want to make something special, but their attention spans don’t always allow them to complete more intricate crafts or long projects. So, why not keep this one super simple and super fun? With orange and brown construction paper, you can pre-cut the pumpkins and turkeys before your guests arrive. Why not decorate with tissue squares dipped in a little glue for colorful fall decorations? Or, you could cut out colorful construction paper feathers for little hands to decorate and glue onto their turkeys. Googly eyes, little orange construction paper beaks – as little or as much as you want to do is fine. The real joy comes from the creative touches the children add themselves. You could ask the children what they are thankful for, and then help them write their thoughts onto their turkey, onto the feathers of their turkey – even onto their pumpkins. It will be a great snapshot of their creativity and thoughts on what Thanksgiving means to them now. That is what makes doing a Thanksgiving craft special!

The rules for the Fall Kids Crafternoon are the same as for any adult crafternoon – be respectful of the space, help clean up when you are finished and have fun! It really is all about having fun with friends and having a little something crafty to show for it when you’re finished. Don’t ever worry about making sure things look perfect as beauty is really found in the imperfections of a creation.

Of course, we would love it if you’d share your Kids Crafternoon with us. Please visit us at to share your ideas, stories and pictures with us!

Happy crafting!

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