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Jump for Joy - It's Summer!

Now that school is out for the summer, let’s talk about some outdoor play activities to keep kids of all ages moving. This is the perfect time of year to go outside to play, and we have the best outdoor kids toys to keep everyone entertained!

We will start off with a simple classic that is not only fun, but also provides wonderful cardio exercise. The Confetti Jump Rope will help children to build their balance and coordination skills while having a great time, either alone or in a group! Measuring 16-feet in length, Confetti Jump Ropes are double-braided to resist kinking, and they come in a variety of bright confetti colors!

If you feel like jumping a little rope on your own, another fun option is the Super Skipper! This is individual active play at its finest! The Super Skipper will have your children jumping to the music as the pole revolves around the electric base. Keep jumping for as long as you can, but don't let the pole hit you or you're out! Includes three exciting songs, three speed modes, and an acceleration mode that speeds up as it spins!

What about jumping rope with a group of friends in a new and exciting way? The Chinese Jump Rope is a fun way to jump rope, whether or not you have the space to swing a rope! Stretch out the long elastic rope with one person standing on each end to hold the rope taught. Then the player(s) jumping can do any number of set jumping routines or make up something right there on the spot! Jump one at a time or in a group - there is no wrong way to do it!

Now let’s say you feel like jumping, but not necessarily jumping rope. Maybe a Maverick Pogo Stick is what you need! You can hop, hop, hop around on this foamy, bouncy pogo stick with more comfort than any traditional pogo stick. The metal frame is covered in foam, from the extra wide footpads to the easy grip handles. The Maverick Pogo Stick is just right for beginners who are just learning how to pogo stick, and works great in the driveway or on the sidewalk.

While we have you jumping up into the air, let’s keep you there for a bit! Have you ever wished you could try walking on stilts? Walkaroo Stilts are made of solid tubular steel with foam padding and non-marking rubber feet, and can easily be adjusted to fit anyone from 4'6" to 6'6"! With a maximum weight capacity of 250-pounds, even mom and dad can take a turn! The new s-curve design of these stilts helps to improve control and makes balancing an easy task.

Remember to stay safe when you’re outside playing this summer. Be sure to drink lots of water, apply sunscreen, and wear your safety helmet whenever you’re pogo-sticking, stilting, bike riding, or rollerblading.

Now get outside and have some fun! 


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