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Interactive Whiteboard and Whiteboard Software FAQ's 

What is a smart board?

Smart Board is a brand name of Interactive Whiteboard, or IWB. Other popular brands of IWBs include Promethean and Mimeo. While not all IWBs are Smart Boards, all Smart Boards are IWBs.

What kind of impact do IWBs have in the classroom?

A 2009 study done on the impact of IWBs in classrooms showed they were associated with a 16-percentile point gain in student achievement (Marzano and Haystead 2009). In other words, students performing at the 60th percentile without the use of IWBs could be expected to perform at the 76th percentile when IWBs are utilized in the classroom.

Is there an easy way to incorporate and make sure you’re meeting state standards with IWB lessons?

Learning Shop carries the complete line of Learning Spot Lessons from Carson-Dellosa. These lessons are correlated to your state’s standards. (Click here for an example of one item and it’s correlation to Wisconsin’s standards.)

Is the information found in these Learning Spot Lessons easy to integrate into my existing lesson plan?

Absolutely! In fact, the Learning Spot Lesson software was created and tested by teachers to be easily incorporated into what you are already doing.

Are the Learning Spot lessons like PowerPoint presentations?

Absolutely not! These lessons are extremely engaging with fun audio and visual components to deliver information and then fun games to test the knowledge of students after the lesson.

Do I need to purchase multiple learning levels of each Learning Spot Lesson so I can meet the needs of all the students in my classroom?

You do not! The lessons include beginner, intermediate and advanced information, games and quizzes that you can choose based on your students. You might even choose to work in small groups if kids are at different levels.

Do you have Spanish or French versions of the Learning Spot Lessons?

Every Learning Spot Lesson has multilingual audio included, which is useful in supporting your ELL students.

How do I know if Learning Spot Lessons would be right for my classroom?

Try a lesson right now for free – no strings attached! The lesson is yours to keep whether or not you decide to buy anything at all. Click here to learn more!

If I decide that I want to purchase more lessons for my classroom, how much will they cost?

Each lesson costs $14.99 and includes lesson plans, differentiated instruction, reproducible practice pages, extension activities and more! These are honestly a wonderful value.

If you have any additional questions about Learning Spot Lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Thank you for reading! Happy Teaching!

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Learning Spot Lessons Download your FREE Learning Spot Lesson, which is yours to keep!  This fantastic interactive whiteboard software is available for Grades K-2! 

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