Go Outside and Play!

Here is a startling fact: nearly 1 in 3 children in America today are overweight or obese. The truth is that between 1980 and today, childhood obesity in America has tripled. Eating fast food three decades ago was something that happened on occasion and eating snacks in between meals wasn’t nearly all as commonplace as it is today.

What our children eat is certainly a contributing factor in the soaring rate of obesity, but the further reality is that our children rarely move anymore when they play. Children play on their computers, they watch TV, they play video games – they are sedentary. So what can we as parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, family – what can we do to help?

We can get our kids up off of the couch and outside into the fresh air. We can even play with them! We can jump rope and play tag! We can build sand castles and play Frisbee! We can teach them how to play baseball, kickball, dodge ball and hacky sack! Why not fly a kite, walk on stilts or hop on a pogo stick? All you need is a little time and something fun to do and your summer will be one to remember.

Think about this – would you rather your children’s childhood memories be of playing video games or of running, laughing and playing with you and their friends outside? I know my answer, and so I’m going outside right now to play!