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Let's Have Some Fun in the Sun! 

Remember the days of playing Jarts in the backyard while barefooted? We survived to tell the tale and have a good laugh, and we are now a bit wiser than we were then. The good news is that we can still play outdoor games and have lots of fun while keeping all of our fingers and toes securely attached!

If you’ve been out and about in the last few years, you may have heard of a game by the name of Bags.  We have a bean bag tossing game that is easy enough for your littlest players, but kids of all ages will want to play! Simply set up the chameleon bag target in one of two positions, and then toss the “fly” bean bags into the chameleons’ mouths. Play alone for skill or with a group for fun and friendly competition! The Beanbag Toss Verdie Chameleon game is also super portable, and folds flat for storage

What about playing a classic game of catch, but with a fun new twist? Have you heard of Squap?  It isn't your average throw and catch game! You’ll start by attaching an orange Squap to your hand.  You’ll then throw and catch the ball by opening and closing the Squap like a jaw. The Squap set includes two squaps and four balls, so you and a friend will be ready to play! 

For another, imaginative way to play catch, check out Trapp Ball! Launch and catch a water-soaked or rubber ball using the trapp nets. Just pull the handles apart to launch, and then watch the ball soar up to 100 feet! The custom handgrips are comfortable to hold, and the elastic sides easily trap the ball for effortless catching. Whether you are playing alone or with a group, you will love Trapp Ball! Trapp Ball set includes two nets, a water ball, a rubber ball, and a bean bag.


If you know any younger children that would like to safely learn the pick and roll as well as the overhand pass, this Lacrosse Set is just what you’re looking for! Kids will be able to get started early on the very popular sport of Lacrosse! This kid sized toy Lacrosse set will have them quick sticking in no time. The colorful set includes two game sticks and a foam ball for some backyard scrimmage fun!  


We have more outdoor games for children of all ages in the Outdoor/Active Play category on our website.  As always, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us as we may carry what you are looking for in one of our stores.  

We wish you lots of memory making summer fun!  Thanks for reading!

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