Teach Your Child About Fire Prevention Through Play

by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association | October 8 |

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, U.S. firefighters responded to 370,000 home structure fires in 2011. These fires caused more than 13,000 injuries and 2,500 civilian deaths.

Making sure your family -- especially your children child -- know about fire safety is critical in an emergency situation.

Kids learn and organize their knowledge of the world through games and imaginative play. Savvy parents and teachers will harness that knowledge and use play to teach important safety concepts.

Use these toys to teach your child about firefighters, learn kitchen fire safety, create a fire escape plan, or to complete a home fire safety checklist.

As an added bonus, these playthings will grow with your child! Their fire safety knowledge will be reinforced every time the toys come out to play.


Role Playing Firefighter CostumeFirefighter Gear

The Fire Chief Costume Set from Melissa and Doug comes with everything your little firefighter needs. The bright red jacket is trimmed with yellow highlights and reflective silver material, just like a real firefighter's, with Velcro seals on the inner front flaps and built-in utility belt. Adorning the sides of the belt are two straps for securing the fire extinguisher and bullhorn. A shiny badge and name tag for personalization add to the colorful flair. The bullhorn makes realistic siren sound effects!

Playmobil Firefighters with Water Pump 

Firefighter Play Figures with Water Pump

Aim the fire hoses at the flames to put them out! Includes two figures, working water pump, fire hoses and many other accessories in the Playmobil collection. Inspires hours of imaginative play and can be paired with Playmobil’s Fire Engine, too.




Pretend Play Fire Truck

Play Firetruck

Put out 3-alarm blazes. Rescue kittens from treetops. Protect the environment from harm. This is just a typical day in the life of the Green Toys Fire Truck, the eco friendly emergency vehicle made from 100% recycled plastic. Made in the USA with no BPA, PVC, or phthalates. This bright red engine has a sturdy roof ladder that pivots vertically and rotates 360 degrees, with “Green Toys Fire Dept.” emblazoned on each side. There are also two removable 8-rung side ladders that slide through brackets and snap in and out of place. Recommended for ages 1 and up.


Firefighter Puppet 

Firefighter Puppet

Chief Walter Blaze is always on duty and ready with his protective hard hat and reflective coat to save the day! Use one hand to manipulate the puppet's mouth and facial expressions while gesturing with the removable wooden rod with the other. Detachable rod is suitable for lefties or righties -- making this plush puppet from Melissa and Doug a perfect pretend play pal!


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