Creating Their Memories


What was your favorite toy when you were growing up? Mine was, by far, my Lite Brite. Seeing those colorful pegs light up in the pattern that I’d created made me so happy, I could hardly bear it!

So what are the exciting toys today – what will our children and grandchildren look back on fondly when they are parents? I suppose we can’t know for certain, but I’m going to take a stab at it nonetheless!

In the way of board games, I know that Apples to Apples and Apples to Apples for Kids are memory makers. Having played them both at family gatherings with everyone from a 90-year-old Great-Grandpa to a 5-year-old Great-Granddaughter (who were both laughing and having a wonderful time) this is a definitely classic in the making.

When thinking of building and construction toys, LEGO never goes out of style. You can build tall, you can build wide – let your imagination be your guide. There are no batteries to change, nothing really breakable . . . you can add to and combine sets of LEGO blocks and pass them down to the next little builder!

What about outdoor play? I do remember loving lawn darts and badminton. Yo-yos, jump ropes, kickballs, kites and Frisbees are classics that are still popular. Dodge Tag is a classic in the making with soft balls that stick to your opponents vest (as opposed to rubber balls lobbed at your opponent’s head). There is also Glow in the Dark Sidewalk Chalk, making your sidewalk masterpieces just as (if not more) magical at night as they are during the day! Another thing that I love, and seems to be very popular, is the Phlatt Ball. This ball is sort of like a tiny Frisbee when you first toss it, but it pops randomly into a ball during flight. I’ve seen lots of kids playing with this ball, and they love it! Bring it to a park to play and you’ll have kids coming to check it out and ask about it.

Pretend or imaginative play is another personal favorite of mine. I loved playing “diner”, creating menus and taking orders from anyone that would let me. Today there are so many pretend play food sets, everything from everyday pantry items, fruits and vegetables to tea sets and fancy desserts! Of course dollhouses, dolls and stuffed animals are still very much loved. Groovy Girls are very lovely and unique, each doll having her own personality. What about Ugly Dolls? Boys and girls of all ages love these snuggly buddies!

No matter when you grew up or what toys were popular during that time, you most likely have very fond memories of your favorite toys. What we provide for our children and grandchildren to play with now will create memories that they will look back on many years from now. And of course, the best memories are created when we take the time to play with them (and their fun new toys) as well!