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Crafts for Toddlers!

Are you looking for toddler craft ideas? We have a selection of toddler crafts that will be fun for both you and your under-5 sidekicks!

Do you remember tissue art? Crinkle the tissue, dip the tissue (and usually fingers) into the glue and then aim for your project but end up sticking the sticky, gluey tissue to your table, floor or wall? Super fun, but super messy right? Well, now you can have all the fun without any of the mess with the My Tissue Art Kit! Simply peel off a section of your design, crinkle up the tissue paper and stick it on with no glue needed! Children will have a blast making colorful fish, cars and more.

What about creating crafts from popsicle sticks? You’d eat as many popsicles as you could stomach and save all of the sticks to create your masterpiece. You can now skip directly to the crafting, popsicle eating optional! The Pop Stick Art Kit includes enough sticks, paper shapes, stickers, glue and instruction to make at least 7 different projects! Make a giraffe, flowers, a caterpillar and more. They will even make great puppets when you are finished!

Here is a craft that I would like to try. The Paper Plate Bugs Kit includes everything you need to create fantastical paper bugs – including the colorful paper plates! So many creepy crawly possibilities are just waiting to be dreamt up by your little crafters!

Have you ever made a paper bag puppet? Fun with regular paper bags, but better with the Paper Bag Puppet Kit! You’ll start with the 5 included colorful lunch-sized paper bags. Then you’ll embellish the bags with over 260 stickers and punch-outs to bring your puppets to life!

If you aren’t quite sure which project to start with, check out My Giant Busy Box! This kit includes enough materials to complete 16 fun craft projects! Projects include making dough animals, paper bag puppets, tissue art pictures, sticker art and much more.

We are always searching for crafts for toddlers, so check back often to see what new and exciting ways we’ve found to help you be creative with your kids!

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