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 Welcome to Cloverleaf Corners!

When was the last time you took a trip to Cloverleaf Corners? Why not take a stroll through the Cloverleaf Corners Community Park and then stop for a treat at the Buttercup family’s Ice Cream Shop? While you’re in Cloverleaf Corners, you might run into any number of the Calico Critters families. Have you met any of these furry folks yet? If not, let me introduce you!

Meet the Buttercups! The Buttercup Cat Family owns the Ice Cream Shop in Cloverleaf Corners. Father Ben likes to experiment with different recipes, and he can certainly count on his kids Cliff and Caramel to try any new flavor he creates. Mother Sherry, on the other hand, makes sure her family does not subsist on ice cream alone and insists that the kids always eat their dinner first.

Then there is the Cottontail Rabbit Family. They are a hard working bunch, making the Calico Critter furniture for everyone in town! These country critters take great pride in their work and it shows.

Next up is the Dalmatian Dog Family. Father Daniel, Mother Dotty, Brother Spot and Sister Patty would love to have you over for a visit! Oh, and let’s not forget the Dalmatian Dog Twins Mark and Speckles! These energetic pups are the newest addition to the family!

Who could forget the very prestigious Calico Critters Ellwoods Elephant Family? A famous children's book author, Mother Ella would love to have you over for tea. Father Edwin is a respected pediatrician, Brother Elliot is quite the athlete and Sister Eliza loves to compete in pageants and hopes to someday become a famous model. They also have a new set of twins, Ellie and Evan! There are no two twins more different than these two! While Ellie would rather cuddle and be with family all day, Evan is usually off on his own exploring - he never runs out of energy.

If we can catch them, I’ll introduce you to the Caramel Cat Family! While Mother and Father are running their Cloverleaf Candy Shop, kids Camryn and Chris are busy with sports. When they aren't trying Mom's new candy flavors Camryn is practicing her gymnastic routine and her brother Chris is running as fast as he can around the track.

Here comes the very friendly Fisher Cat Family of Cloverleaf Corners. Meet Father Schroeder, Mother Isabel, Brother Linus and Sister Lauren. Out for a stroll with the Fisher twins, Michelle and Eddie, this family just loves being together.

Don’t look now, but there is the Furbanks Family! Father Kenneth is a very dramatic director and Mother Emma is a perfectionist, always rehearsing her lines. Douglas just loves doing plays about pirates and knights and dragons, anything with tons of action. His sister Greta is like her Mommy, a quiet actress who is always focused on getting things just right.

If you love music, you’ll love the Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family! This talented musical family includes Mother Hazel on lead vocals, Dad Harold on drums, brother Harry on piano and sister Haley on tambourine. Of course, the family wouldn’t be complete without the Pickleweeds Hedgehog Twins, Hazel and Honey. Hazel loves to bang on her Daddy's drums and makes lots of noise. Honey makes more of a mess than noise. He loves to play in Dad's mailbag and throw everyone's mail in the air!

Next, let’s take a hop, skip and a jump down the block to meet the Calico Critters Hopscotch Rabbit Family of Cloverleaf Corners! This is one busy family of bunnies! Mother Heidi is the gym teacher down at the high school and Father Harlin is a sports reporter for the local paper. Brother Skip and Sister Bell play soccer and love the great outdoors. You know, the Hopscotch Rabbit Family has just added twins to their family as well! Like most brothers and sisters these Hopscotch Rabbit Twins are total opposites! Hopper is one of the busiest baby boys you have ever seen. He is always running around getting into something. His twin sister Honey just loves to sit quietly and play in the grass watching butterflies and smelling the flowers.

Around the corner lives a very respectable family of mice. Meet the adorably dressed Norwood Mouse Family, Father Chester-Cheddar, Mother Brie, Brother Colby and Sister Nibbles. If you ask where they purchased such lovely outfits, they’ll tell you from the Cloverleaf Clothing Store, of course!

So, let’s head to the Cloverleaf Clothing Store to see what they might have for us! The Sugar Bear Family owns the store, and Father Bernard is in charge. Mother Beth loves to sew and makes a lot of the clothes in her family's store. Sister Bridget likes arts and crafts and can spend the whole day coloring. Brother Brian is very calm and artistic and likes to draw and paint pictures.

As the sun is getting low in the sky, we’ll try to find the last family who is in town today, the Wilder Panda Bear Family. Mom Wilder is a nurse at the Cloverleaf Children's Hospital and Dad Wilder makes bamboo fences for everyone in town. Their children, Philip and Priscilla Wilder, love to act in all the big performances put on in Cloverleaf Corners. When Mom and Dad are not busy with work, you can bet they’re watching their kids perform! Of course, no matter where you find the Wilder Family, you’re sure to find the Wilder Twins! Baby Patsy loves to sing and be the center of attention! Baby Paul is just the opposite, happy to be in a quiet room reading or drawing.

Wow, that day went too fast! There is so much more to see and do in Cloverleaf Corners, so please come back for another visit very soon. If you’re ever interested in moving to Cloverleaf Corners, please don’t hesitate to check out the real estate we have to offer as well as any furnishings you may need to make your house a home.

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