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Create a Soothing Bedtime for Babies and Toddlers

Bedtime for babies and toddlers can be one of the most difficult times of the day. If your little ones are like most, they have no interest in going to bed no matter how sleepy they are. And who can blame them? It seems like all the really good stuff happens just after they go to sleep!

Now you can establish a soothing bedtime for toddlers with soft sensory friends that they’ll look forward to greeting each night before sleep.

Nighttime can be unsettling, which is why the Twilight Turtle nightlight is such a good friend. Just turn on the 45-minute timer and watch as the walls and ceiling fill with a tranquil starry setting, in any of 3 colors, just perfect for a peaceful nights sleep. Learn some of the major constellations before drifting off to sleepy town, and feel safe with your glowing friend who doubles as a colorful night-light as well. The Twilight Turtle will provide a companion that stays with children after you’ve left their bedroom.

For when you are at home or out and about, consider this Gentle Giraffe your go-to . . . um, giraffe! It a jungle out there, which is why it's good to have a friend like the Gentle Giraffe Portable soothing sound machine to help you get some rest. With four calming jungle sounds, the Gentle Giraffe on the Go plays sounds for 23 or 45 minutes, and comes with a Velcro strap so you’re certain he’ll stay put until little eyelids become heavy.

Of course, what could be a more classic way to fall asleep than counting sheep? They’ll only need to count this one fluffy friend before drifting off. The adorable, soft Sleep Sheep Soothing Sounds plush plays 4 calming sounds that help to drown out distracting noises and lull your baby or toddler off to sleep.

We have many more sleepy time friends, baby and toddler soft toys, baby boy and baby girl toys, and infant developmental toys. Follow this Infant/Toddler link to find just what you need to make for pleasant playing and happy napping!

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