Prevent Summertime Knowledge Loss

All of us would like to think of summer as a time when kids can be kids and families can enjoy vacations and recreation. But it is a fact – Children who do not engage in educational activities when school is out of session experience learning loss. Research indicates that students lose about 2 months in math and reading achievement without access to educational opportunities. Studies also show that students score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer than they do on the same tests at the beginning of summer. Research also indicates that the average teacher spends the first six weeks of the new school year re-teaching those concepts lost over the summer.

Parents can prevent summer learning loss by providing their children with fun tools to keep learning fresh and part of the family routine. A few ideas to prevent or minimize the loss of math and reading achievement are to get involved in summer programs at your local library, search out fun summer school classes offered by your local school district, and find out if your local YMCA offers any fun summer classes.

There are also a number of fun workbook style programs that are grade specific for your child. One familiar series is Summer Bridge Activities, which has been the #1 brand parents have trusted for over 10 years. This award winning series created by teachers is designed to keep kids, in preschool through grade 8, active and learning during the summer. Recommended by teachers, each book includes activities in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and physical fitness focusing on targeted skills that children are expected to master at each grade level.

The Summer Bridge Activities 2011 edition features an online companion providing everything parents need to make summer learning fun and reinforce grade level skills. Each Summer Bridge Activities book through grade 5 includes a host of digital learning tools like: free e-books, online assessments, mobile apps, and online games.

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The Appleton and Madison Wisconsin Public Libraries offer a “One World, Many Stories” summer reading program where kids can earn prizes for reading as little as 15 minutes per day during the summer (, Please visit your local library to find out the exciting programs available for your children this summer!