Do You Zoob?


We are very excited to announce that we offer a broad range of Zoob, “The Moving, Mind-Building Modeling System”!

Learning to Zoob is fast, easy and fun! It is also very intuitive as the pieces are based on the structure of our DNA, with 5 different pieces that connect in 20 different ways. When you build with Zoob, you can let your creativity run wild! And the fun doesn’t end when your creation is complete as the Zoob models move much the same as humans, animals and machines. That means that you can actually play with your finished Zoob pieces!

So who might enjoy Zoob? Well, children of all ages (ages 6 year old and up) will certainly enjoy creating, playing, dreaming and exploring with Zoob. Educators will appreciate the ability to build models of DNA double helixes, anatomic parts, and architectural or mechanical designs. There are so many things to build with Zoob, why not pick a kit and get started ASAP?

Happy Zoobing!