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Top Toys of 2012: Part 1 
Our first installment of the list ofTop Christmas Toys for 2012 includes early learning toys, pretend and play toys, and some very unique building toys!
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Top Toys of 2012: Part 2
Our second installment of the list of Top Christmas Toys for 2012 includes toys for artists, scientists, and anyone who loves to play games! 
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Calico Critters Sneak Preview!
We are excited to give you a Sneak Preview of some of the additions to the Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners lineup for 2013!  *Spoiler Alert* They are CUTE!
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Teacher's Supply List
To help you stay on top of what you have and what you'll need for the 2012 school year, we've compiled a list of nearly everything you might need for you, your students, and your classroom!  
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Fun Stuff!

Create Cool Things Kids Love!
Looking for ideas on how to make cool things like butterflies, paper lanterns, or festive decorations? Trend Enterprises has put together some neat and easy projects free for your use. 
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Go Outside and Play!
What our children eat is certainly a contributing factor in the soaring rate of obesity, but the further reality is that our children rarely move anymore when they play. 
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