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Spring has finally arrived and with that comes spring cleaning your home! Sometimes it's hard to get the family involved so here are some fun cleaning games you can play to get the kids involved and they won't even realize they're cleaning! 


#1: Turn on the music! Who doesn't get moving when some fun music starts? Put some old socks on the kiddos and have them dance around the house gathering dust bunnies as they go.

#2: Help the younger kids practice their letters by alphabetizing the spice rack.



#3: Give two or more of the kids a cleaning rag and play Follow the Leader. The ones following have to do everything the "leader" does.

#4: Have them play a sorting game with their toys making sure all toys go together in labeled storage containers with other like toys. Take them to donate toys that they don't want or play with anymore.

#5: Collect loose change that is lying around your house and have them count it while sorting it into piles. If there is enough change, have them open a savings account in their own name!

The ideas are endless to help get your kids involved and teach them to participate around the house as well!

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Have fun and happy cleaning!!