What is the Learning Shop


If you've seen our Appleton location, you may have asked yourself, "Is the Learning Shop a daycare?" From the outside, it may look like it with the vibrant colors and lots of shapes but the answer is no, we are not a daycare. The Learning Shop is a specialty toys and educational products retail store geared towards sparkling up the world of the children in the home and school environments! Not just fun toys...but fun specialty toys with an educational edge.


 Learning Shop grand opening


The Learning Shop actually began back in the 70's as a teacher supply store and now has grown into 5 locations throughout Wisconsin and two gift shops located in Milwaukee and Appleton. We've also shifted our focus from only carrying educator supplies to arts, crafts, games, LEGOS®, and so much more! We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service. There is always a friendly face around to help you search out that awesome toy or spectacular birthday gift. Plus, we gift wrap for FREE, so there is no need to make an extra stop for wrapping paper!



We hope you stay connected with us and enjoy our new blog as we delve into the funderful world of toy stories, fun things to do in and around the community, guest bloggers, and more!