Family Game Night!


Let's be honest, we love our families no matter what. What better way to spread the love than with a family game night?! 


Having a weekly or monthly game night is a great excuse to play ridiculous games, eat pizza (or your family's favorite food), laugh a lot, and spend time with the people who know you the best! There are many different games that are fun for all ages. Here are a few of our favorites!




Mobi is a fast-paced math equations game with similar game play to the popular game Bananagrams. Connect all of your tiles the fastest to win the game! It also comes in an adorable travel-sized pouch that's shaped like a whale.



Happy Salmon


This game will have your family up and moving in this energizing twist on a matching game! Each person gets dealt an even number of cards and the object of the game is to get rid of your cards the quickest by matching with other people with the same card and completing the action. You will need to give high-fives, switch places with another player, give fist bumps, and pretend your arm is a salmon (check out our Happy Salmon video to see what we mean!)


Happy Salmon game




If you're a board game fan Alias is a great pick! The object of this game is to get the other players on your team to guess as many words as possible on your card (without saying the word) before the time runs out! This game is similar to the classic game Taboo but with a board game twist!