The Craft Queen


Here at the Learning Shop, I have been given the title as the Craft Queen but long before I started here I used to care for my four cousins ranging in age from 1 to 9. We always enjoyed crafting and making silly things out of anything they had laying around the house. However, one of their favorite days of the month was nail day. We would set up a make shift nail spa and drag out all the polish and the toothpicks (so I could make dots and lines). They would make up a design or show me something on Pinterest (most of the time those were fails because their finger nails were so short) but had I known there were handy tools and kits awaiting for me it would have saved me a whole lot of time and several thousand, "WAIT DON'T TOUCH! THEY AREN'T DRY!"



So when changing career paths, the "Nail Day" kinda stuck when I found out that we carry a wide variety of great nail art kits. The kits include everything you would need to give your nails a style kick from fun colors with brush/pen sides, charms, tools, books full of ideas, and even glitter. (Oh glitter, how I love to hate you!) I now take 30 minutes to have my nail day once a month (or more if there is time to give my fingers some life!) Have fun and craft on!